Monday, July 19, 2010

Monday Date Nights With Hannah

Since this is the second week in a row, I feel it is HIGH time to blog about this!
Hannah rocks my socks! This all started when she invited me to Zumba. Everything that goes wrong in our week, gets danced out in that hour class! Last week, we decided we needed ice cream! It just so happened that it was a million degrees last week, and we looked rather horrible as we trudged through HyVee to get our ice cream. Of course those are the days when you see everyone you know! As we sat with our dish of ice cream, we talked it all out. Everything from boys to friends, and college to families. After that we looked up all our "stalkers" on Facebook, and laughed until we couldn't breathe.
A week later, I was ready for another date! We "power walked" 2 miles down the parkway, and then went for a quick swim. Next, we carried on the tradition of visiting HyVee for ice cream, once again looking like our beautiful selves!
Hannah is a lovely girl, after God's own heart. Thank goodness for Skype, which we will get a ton of use out of this fall! Follow Hannah at :)

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OHHH So are you trying to make me cry?!?! I love mondays now!!!