Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Mailbox Monday & Truthful Tuesday

Mailbox Monday: If you thought waiting 3 months for Liberty of London bedding to arrive was a long time, you will die when I tell you it took 5 months for my very own copy of Enchanted April to finally make it into my hands!
My mother and I have a standing tradition of watching Enchanted April every year, on a rainy night in April. So of course we we're thrilled when the ladies of our book club agreed to add it to the list. After my mother gave away one copy, and one eBay order fell through, I can now say, it's mine!
Truthful Tuesday: I've recently discover that the much younger Alfred Molina and the lead singer of Mumford and Sons have a striking resemblance! And now every time I listen to The Cave, I have that ridiculous image of Mr. Molina in Enchanted April, standing there in his bath towel, with all his chest hair burned off! This is only something you can completely understand, if you've seen the film, and if you're me.
I will spare you the emotional and physical scarring, but if you do wish to see the image, click here.

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