Sunday, December 20, 2009

Weekend Away

Becka got to come with us to this weekend's hockey games in St. Louis. We went shopping (which didn't kill her), watched Grey's, and laughed.
This was us shopping for boots. Don't worry, with much effort, I talked her out of the dead animal on her feet in this picture.

Here is Becka making fun of my attempt to find a winter hat.

This was when we gave up on finding a book in Borders. Thank goodness Miss April had her phone on and could assist us in this endeavor!
Early morning hockey game hair!!

I'm very thankful that Becka was able to come along. She got me Season 1 of Grey's Anatomy and an awesome coffee mug for Christmas! And even though it wasn't perfect, it's better to be dark and twisty together than apart :)
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