Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Trustful Surrender

I was on a great roll with Theology today. This year's course is extra (as well as History) because I already have enough credits. Thankfully Kolbe understands that this is true with all their students, and has put together something special for seniors. The last year of high school is filled with decisions and busy times, and your prayer life is an easy thing to let drop off. They started us off with reading St. Francis de Sales' book "Introduction to the Devout Life," and this week we're reading "Trustful Surrender to Divine Providence." These are some of the notes I drew from the reading:

The Lord says: you would have no power over me if it had not been given to you from above.
We trust doctors to cut us open, and even pay them to do it! But yet we don't trust God?

The Lord says to Zebedee: You know not what you ask -- O blind of heart, your ignorance saddens me. Let me manage your affairs and look after your interests. I know what you need better than you do yourselves. If I paid heed to what you think you need, you would have been hopelessly ruined long ago.

Us not trusting God is crude after all He's done for us, and continues to do. When the pain seems like too much, it's because God was meant to carry that cross, not us.

Giving everything to God is the ultimate freedom. Fear no longer exists for us. We will be constant, unchangeable, and endless.

The Holy Spirit says "Blessed are those who suffer." Whoever asks shall receive. God has promised us, so why do we doubt? We can ask God for anything, but the request will effect the answer He gives. Solomon asked for wisdom, and this was good in the Lord's eyes. Do not be shallow, but bold in request. Never stop asking or praying. God is outside of time. What if someone prayed for the same thing every day for their entire life? That would please God greatly! Christians have become apathetic. We pray "God give me patience," but instead we should pray "God! Let me detest with my entire being losing my temper!"

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