Thursday, December 24, 2009

Breakdown in Borders

I'm sure you're wondering why we are smiling in this picture if the title of this post is "Breakdown in Borders." The simple answer, is that this photo is after the whole ordeal had passed. I must first state that Becka and I are not normal girls. As much fun as finger-nail painting and giggling sometimes sounds, we would rather have our eye lashes plucked out. After three hours of being in a mall and an hour in Borders with nothing found, we lost it. I am still convinced that Becka was already on the verge of tears, though she would never admit it. In my infinite knowledge, I whipped out my phone and called Miss April (aka the goddess of books). She instantly saved us from our distress by recommending "The Noticer." We dried our, um, tears, pulled ourselves together, and went to find our holy grail of a book! After this, of course, we were able to find four other books to add to our shopping cart. Becka is currently reading it, and sends me paragraph text messages every day. She's bringing it to me on the 30th, and then I will be able to write a review of my own. We've decided to continue this trading of books. So far we've shared "My Sisters Keeper," "Eat Pray Love," and now "The Noticer." (I'm sure Becka will fill in anything I've forgotten.) This concludes the tale of "Becka and Megan's Infinite Adventures."

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Bex said...

I bought Eat,Pray, Love but I never read it remember? I did read Dear John though. ;)