Sunday, December 14, 2008

The true meaning of Christmas?!?!

"It's the most wonderful time of the year!"
All the radio stations are playing the same Christmas songs over and over and over. And when you drive down the road ever business screams "come shop here" or "we have the best discounts" or "come save your self from spontaneously combusting because of all the "good cheer" that is being spread!" (ok maybe not...). All of it drives me insane! It makes me want to scream. But there is no getting around any of it. The mind set of our society has us all sucked in. We can't avoid it. You can't not buy the ones you love a present, but deep inside that is really what I want to do! You can't skip Christmas. I want to go rent a cabin somewhere far off in the distance and sleep for the next two weeks. (or at least until Walmart gets the "Christmas sent" out of their store). Now don't get me's not that I hate Christmas, but I hate what the world has turned it into. This was never what Christ had in mind. And it wasn't what President Ulysses S. Grant wanted when he declared Christmas a legal holiday in 1870. So where did we go wrong? When did our world turn Christmas into a shopping frenzy where every women has a chance to find the best deals they will all year long? I don't know exactly when this happened, and I doubt it was an exact moment in time. More like a gradual downhill slope that has now gotten us where we are today.
So spread some real Christmas cheer. Don't get sucked in this year. It's less than two weeks until Christmas, and I have zip shopping done...but you know what? I don't care! Maybe a card will warm wishes will be all my friends get this year!

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