Sunday, December 28, 2008

Jane Austen in Scarsdale

This was book number two in the "two in two days" modern Jane Austen frenzy! I wanted to share a few quotes from the book that I liked.
"Life isn't a Jane Austen novel. I'ts one thing to be long-suffering in a story, where the author can make it worth you while, but in real life, who's going to make sure it ends happily? Just look at what happened with poor Jane Austen. She worked things out for that long-suffering ninny, Anne Elliot, in her last book, but who worked things out for her? Believe me, my dear, no man is a prince, except in the imagination."

"Regret is a useless emotion" murmured Winnie.
"It's a sad emotion, but it's not a useless one," said Anne resolutely. "You have to regret - even mourn - your mistakes if you're ever going to move on. I made a mistake when I gave up Ben Cutler, and I regret it. Which doesn't mean I can't go on living."

"He offered to pay me a stipend, which I declined. I am not Jane Eyre, just an impecunious gentlewoman with ties to the estate."

"Who are the ten greatest poets of all time?" demanded a spokeman for the class
"One' Shakespeare.
Two: Milton. He wrote Paradise Lost. The greatest action-adventure poem in Engling.
Three: John Donne.
Four: William Wordsworth. Big on nature, but there's more going on than just flowers and trees.
Five: Walt Whitman - great American poet.
Six: Emily Dickinson. A nutcase, but brilliant.
Seven: William Butler Yeats. An Irish poet.
Eight: Robert Frost. He wrote 'Stopping by Woods' but theres others that are also great.
Nine: Gwendolyn Brooks - a woman of color who didn't preach about it.
Ten: Don Riggs. You probably never heard of him. He lives in Philadelphia and writes for small literary journals and online magazines. Look him up on the Internet. He's a genius."

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Candise and Crew said...

I read this book in just a couple of days and loved it! Lots more "content" than your average paperback fiction. And it is quite hilarious in terms of high school students preparing for SAT and college entrance. Guess I can relate!!