Monday, September 1, 2008


"Stephenie Meyer revealed that Twilight's vampire Edward Cullen is a subconscious combination of her three favourite leading men: Jane Eyre's Edward Rochester, Pride and Prejudice's Fitzwilliam Darcy and Anne of Green Gables' Gilbert Blythe."

As most of you know I did read all four of the books. My mother didn't like it very much that I spent almost two weeks in bed because of it. (only getting up to shower and eat!)
I think that her books are very well written. Just like any of the classics listed above.
One of my favorite quotes from Twilight is "Romeo was one of my favorite fictional characters...until I met Edward."
You know from the start that Edward is perfection itself. Just like you are drawn to feel about the other Heroes.
In a conversation with Hannah I said "Out of all the courtship books I have read, this book made it all finally make since to me!" It showed me that you should wait until your "perfection" comes along. You don't need to settle for any less than that. Wait for Edward! Wait for your perfection!


Hannah said...

Oh Megan...I think I will truly die. I looked up the synopsis for the other books on wikipedia and and dying now...I WANT THEM SOOO BADLY, but what can I do?! Mom's holding strong and hopefully she'll give into me watching the AMAZING movie instead...oh the para. :)

MostlyMegan said...

I'm sorry. I will give you the best account I can at Youth Group (or whenever I see you). And yes, you better go to the movie! I'm going to push for seeing the midnight showing! ;)