Friday, November 28, 2008

A Thanksgiving Poem by Andrew Wallace

Everybody's lives are full of wants.
Everybody's lives are full of needs.
Nobody cares about what they've got.
Nobody can recognize their own greed.

Everybody knows somebody
who somebody has shown to love,
and somebody knows everybody
who somebody can't get enough of.

But today the world stops
to look at what they've got.
Today everybody stops
to thank God for what they've got.

Everybody knows somebody
who somebody needs to thank,
and God knows that everybody
owes somebody a great big thanks.

I'm happy I know you,
and I thank God that I do.
I've thanked God already,
and now it's time to thank you.

Thank you for helping
God deserve his thanks.
He gives us everything
and you help him make it great.

This day is the day
We give thanks to God above,
but why not every day?
why can't the world always love?

I want you to know
that, Thanksgiving or not,
I'm thankful you're in my life,
I'm glad about what I've got.

I never know when the last time
I'm gonna see you will be,
So I'll try to tell you all the time
that you're always special to me.

This is my first Thanksgiving poem,
I've never written one before,
and I've decided that every year,
I'll give this to the ones that I'm truly thankful for.

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