Sunday, November 16, 2008

Last night all the girls got together for Becca's 16th Birthday!
She decided that soup, dictionary games, and a scary movie would make an ideal day!
(We are a tad bit strange!)
Over all I thought that The Village was very good. I can't say too much about it without giving the whole thing away. But it was a good love story, with a scary twist. It had me on the edge on my seat the whole entire time, and I only screamed once!
It was a good way to show that there will always be sorrow in the world. No matter how hard we try to run from it, we never can. An ideal world doesn't exist. People will never be perfect. It was a good eye opener and it really made me think about my life and the way I live it. I think sometimes we forget that it could all be gone in only a matter of minutes. Cherish what you have. Live every day to the fullest.



Hannah's Thoughts said...

Dude! The front of the movie just LOOKS scary! lol... Glad you liked it! :D

Anonymous said...

Megan! That movie was SO scary :/ GAH! It really did have a great moral to it.
Rachel S.