Monday, August 2, 2010

The Official, Unofficial Video for True Like Your Name

SPENCER + ALEXANDRA // San Diego, CA from capture studios on Vimeo.

On a recent 'Monday Date' with Hannah, we decided that the good looking guys are jerks, and the ugly ones are...well ugly. And if by some crazy blue moon, there happens to be a good looking Christian guy, he's married! This summer I have been searching for a place of contentment, and acceptance that I am not, in fact, going to college to find a husband. This journey has lead me to some very interesting places. First, I started with Whitney. She is a beautiful, K-State graduate, who is so full of God's love. Check out her photography website here! Her advice to me was to make a list of "No Compromising", and to stick by it. I've been working on that list ever since, and am discovering a lot about myself through it. Next their was Karissa! When you look at her, you want whatever it is that she has. She is peaceful, and loving, and sure of herself. She encouraged me to stay strong in myself, and to not change that person for anything. Even a boy. After that there was Adrienne, who you read about in a post last week. Her words were simple, and it came down to that "God wants me to be attracted to my husband". I wanted to shout it to the world! Yes! God made me to be attracted to beauty, and it is a GOOD thing for wives to be attracted to their husbands. This is not vain or sinful! It is okay for me to want those things!
Well a week went by, and my certainty was fading. Of course, as soon as I post something about not crying, I cry for 3 days straight. I am a firm believer in crying. I think it's healthy, and therapeutic. And let me tell you, it was time for me to let it out! But by Friday I was feeling a little pathetic. There is good crying, and then there is obnoxious crying, and I was headed toward the deep end. Then I found this video just by chance. I follow Steve Moakler on Twitter, where he announced the release of this video. That then lead me to Spencer's photography website. He is an amazing Christian, who is fully supported by his wife! As I sat there crying for the last time that day, I felt God's arms around me. He was telling me to not give up. That all the desires of my heart can be met if I trust in Him. He is faithful, and I have no reason to doubt him.

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