Saturday, September 19, 2009

T.A.K.E. Defense!

We traveled to Kansas City today to take a self defense class with some friends. Miss Hannah practiced her moves with me, while the mothers used their hips to fight the enemy off.
We were SO tired from all of this that we just HAD to go to Chick-fil-A ;)
Then we traveled a little further on 435 to the Victorian Trading Company outlet store. We "exceeded our income" by making lots of nice little purchases. Including a pink shirt for me that says "Helpless Romantic".
We also did some graduation and spring formal planning, since these events will be here before you know it!
Over all a great day spent with some great girls!

2 comments: said...

SO much fun!!!

Candise and Crew said...

You are a "Hopeless Romantic" and you know what happens to "Emma" in the end... Jane doesn't send her a Mr. Darcy to propose in the rain! It's her own Mr. Knightly-in-shining-armor who was there all along. God has a great sense of timing and humor!
Candise & Crew