Thursday, February 27, 2014

New Paths

Today was an exciting and terrifying day for me. For a while now I've been carefully researching, praying, having meltdowns and getting excited. I've completed two internships and pinned 505 items to my Pinterest board. But today I took a really large step. I registered my company name as an LLC in the state of Missouri and purchased a domain for my future website.
It's official, I am an event planner!
For now it's just going to be a side project and I'm still actively searching for a job in St. Louis. In the coming weeks I will be launching the new website and beginning promotions.
Oh yeah, the name I've landed on is Mr. and Mrs. Wedding Events. Catchy, right?
Wish me luck on this endeavor. I'm still a little terrified and it definitely hasn't set it yet. I'll most certainly be asking for help with spreading the word as well, so I apologize in advance for pestering you all to death!

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