Monday, April 4, 2011

Humility is not thinking less of yourself, but thinking of yourself less - CS Lewis
There's never seems to be enough time in the day anymore! I feel so horrible that I've let my blog go for so long....
But alas, know that I am well! I think of you all constantly, and wonder if anyone misses my meaningless banter.
I am loving this photo right now. It's called 'Helmeted Kisses', and it's the current background of my Mac. It was taken in Paris, and every time I see it I smile.
Only a month left of school, which means everyone is freaking out. Piano is going well, and I'm consistently attending yoga classes (Mike and I go around listing everything that is "zen"; pesto pasta, sand volleyball, family dinners...)
I spent a wonderful Saturday with Miss Mason; including, but not limited to, facials and shopping at Forever 21. I also snuck in a quick visit with Adrienne, who's baby belly is just as cute as can be!
With Dad's weekend this Saturday, and Spring Formal the next, I fear the month will fly by. And before you blink twice, I will have finished my freshman year of college! (I consider it a success that I've only changed my major once from Piano Performance to Piano Education) (never fear, there will be many more indecisive moments to come!)
As they say in The King's Speech "I would love to (write more), such a treat, but alas.... a previous engagement (studio class). What a pity. "

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Candise and Crew said...

The spring weather is obviously affecting your brain! You sound so positive today, and that can only mean your mid-terms are a forgotten memory. Press onward toward your goal--coming home for tea and scones! And getting good grades, too.