Friday, October 29, 2010

As the days of October are quickly drawing to a close, I try to savor every last moment I can. The apple cider, color changing leaves, and the ever wonderful cardigan days. But as Halloween approaches, I've been thinking that maybe October isn't the only time of change.
Obviously we experienced lots of "Change" with President Obama, but what about the little things? We change our hair style, our clothing, our vocabulary, our diet, our friends, our lifestyle... Is Halloween really the only time of year that we are something we're not?
Everyone has had their mother tell them to "be themselves", and at the time I remember thinking "who else would I possibly be?"
In high school we are limited to our personalities. You get labeled from the beginning, and it was hard to change that stereotype.
At college, things are a little different. You have a fresh start to decide who and what we want to be. However, there seems to be two trends among girls my age: they are one stereotype, and they have boyfriends.
They're all "go green"...and they have a boyfriend.
They're super fashionable...and they have a boyfriend.
They out going...and they have a boyfriend.
And then there's me. I recycle, am sometimes fashionable, and can be out going...
This really isn't my struggle. During Fall Break, I had many laughs with my style guru Hannah about how awful it is to be above this desire for our lives. For once, it would be nice to be irresponsible and have a flirty friend boy!
Perhaps I am getting a little off topic. The point really was to say, that the other thing these girls have in common is that they all changed for these boys. They became something they thought would be wanted and desired, instead of waiting for the real deal. And although it's pretty awful to always dance with Erin at parties, and to be rejected more times in three months than I did in three years, I can't say I'm not content.
So Happy Friday, and Happy Halloween.

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