Thursday, October 16, 2008

Sam Graves and Kay Barnes Debate

Tonight MWSU hosted Sam Graves and Kay Barnes for a political debate at 7pm. There seemed to be more support for Sam Graves, but the attendance level was very close. It was very disheartening to see all the News Press reporters talking to Kay Barnes after the debate...but I guess that's St. Joe for you.
The first opening remark and question were given to/done by Kay Barnes, as decided by a coin toss. Kay opened up by bashing Sam Graves. Saying "you Sam have been in congress every day for the last eight years, and look where that got us today". Well Miss (not Mrs. since she has been married three times!) Kay, one month ago, Sam Graves was at the Loves Gas Station in Gower MO talking to people about the price of gas. On that day gas prices were $3.69. Today if you go to the pump, gas is $2.69 per gallon. I see exactly where Sam has gotten us.
Sam, however, opened up with stating that he is pro-life, believes that marriage is intended for a man and a women, and that he cares about small business' and farmers. Sam, on the other hand, didn't make any comments against Kay in his opening remarks.
After the debate, my mother commented that in her college journalism class, they were taught that people best remember the name that they have heard the most. So when people get to the polls, they will remember the name they have heard the most. Every time Kay was given a chance to talk, she said Sam's name at least three times. Sam on the other hand would say "my opponent" when referring to Kay.
I can't recall Kay answering a single question directly. She would simply bash Sam, and list off every single thing that she thought he was doing wrong. Sam, however, was very down to earth. He would explain to the people the "political lingo" that the questions used.
When remarking on the Bailout Bill that was passed, Kay made the comment that Sam was not suffering, as proven by the fact that he owns eight airplanes. Sam burst out laughing (along with the crowd). Everyone who knows Sam knows that every single piece of airplane parts that are in his barn are all junk! He pays taxes on ONE of those airplanes, because it is the only one of the "eight airplanes" that actually flies!!!
The only thing Sam ever said against Kay was to question her on the fact that she "bailed out" her chief of staff when he failed to pay the loans. She paid him $200,000! (which was money taken out of our tax dollars!!!) (The News Press reporter said that he would have to look into this remark).
I have many more thoughts, but it's late. If you have any questions I would LOVE to talk more about the debate! Enjoy guys!

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