Thursday, October 30, 2008

Andrew Wallace's Poem

I've written 'most everything
in all my stories;
I've written tragedies,
and I've written glories.
I've made up fables
and put them in my poems.
I've sung my songs out loud,
and I'm sure you all know 'em.
I've told fairy tales,
I've written about real life,
I've given examples,
of failures and triumph,
glory and strife.
I've got my story,
as all of us do,
I've got stories of love,
just like all of you.
I've been through
what no one else has;
you know that thing, that same,
different story we all have.
Many of our friends have disappeared into thin air.
But if the air's so thin, why's breathing so hard
without them there?
There are so many stories,
and we all share them in a way
we've all been through the same things,
we've all had struggles from day to day.
the stories we've all written
whether invented and put on paper
or the stories that we've written
with our real lives full of labor
none of them are as great
as the story of a lonely man
none of them shine more
than that of an empty hand
our hands have never been empty
there's always been someone there
maybe they've just been hiding
in the thickness of the air
any man who feels alone
doesn't realize what he can have
if he looks around at the rest of the world
and reaches out his own hand.
because you're never the only one who feels lonely
there's always someone else
reach out and pull them up
because shared loneliness is never loneliness in itself.
but now that we know about loneliness
and we realize the forgotten have a story
there's still one that's greater
one lost in our search for glory.
the story that no one tells,
or at least no one can get quite right
because in this story there's no morning
and in this story, there's no night.
this is the story of the air
the air we all share together
it's where all our friends are
when we can't find each other.
it's the story i don't quite know
the one i can't get a hold of
it's the one i haven't even grasped
and for some reason I feel like
it's the one I can't let go of
our friends are always there
though we always search for them
somewhere in this air
the story will always support them

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