Thursday, December 2, 2010

The BSU across the street from my dorm has been playing Christmas music for about 18 hours a day, for the past five days. Tis the season...
Although my Black Friday was spent driving across the waste lands of Minnesota (now say it in that stupid sounding voice that obviously is from a movie a failed to see in my adolescent years), I did manage to buy a gorgeou
s dress and a fabulous pair of shoes for the formal this Saturday (surprise Mom!). I'll have another post next week with a full report on the event!

In the mean time, I did want to write a quick little post about winter fashion and a few tips that I have.
1. Layers are your new best friend! I personally love cardigans, and a tank top and a deep v-neck work wonderfully together.
2. Own a comfortable pair of boots that are also fashionable. That way, on the days when you're hiking across campus in the snow, you can still put together a cute look. Erin recently got a great pair of brown leather Ugg boots and they make everything look better. They remind me of England for some reason.
3. Deep condition your hair weekly, and avoid over styling. The cold weather is not only harsh on skin, but hair too. Be nice to it.
4. A patterned pair can add so much to a cute dress
or skirt. In all actuality, there isn't a lot of difference between the expensive and cheap pairs. None of them will last very long, and you will end up snagging them sooner or later. Forever 21 has great sales on tights this month, so stock up while you can!
5. Myth: Brown, black and gray can not be worn together. False! They are all neutrals, and are the same color scheme.

The holiday season is the one time of the year where you can't bring out the bling! Silver is a great way to go, and the red coat adds a great pop of color.
Happy Thursday :)

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