Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Changes and Adaptions

I wanted to post something on the one week mark of my return, but as fate would have it, it was not possible. I was quickly rushed back into American culture by babysitting the boys for a few days while mom and dad went to Napa Valley. Between the 4 hockey tryouts for the twins, and Reid's 3 soccer games, I am becoming an expert "soccer mom".
I honestly have no idea what I would have done without Alyx. She was definitely sent from God to help me through everything! She rode with me to Kansas City and helped with directions (in a horrible part of town might I add. It was only through God's grace that we actually made it out of there alive!), she's talked me through my "anti-American culture" phase (which might happen again), she's prayed for me, and been a constant support. I know she has many things to deal with in her own life, and I am astounded by all her energy.
In case you're wondering, Reid's team did get first place in their tournament, and Ben and David did make the team. Further proof of my non-failure, although at times I did wonder.
Miss April was also a wonder. The chicken was amazing, even though you wouldn't let me give it to the boys. And the day the boys went skating was perfect timing!
I did chose the title for this post to be 'changes and adaptions' for a reason, and I suppose I should talk about some of them.
I am now enrolled at Missouri Western for French 101. I have my student ID and parking pass, and so far I haven't failed. I must confess that when Monday morning rolled around I was feeling quite nervous! None of you know, but when the nerves hit, I always have to pee. A confession which I'm sure my mother would not approve of me posting over the world-wide web, but nevertheless, there it is. We had dentist appointments that morning, and since mom and dad had been gone all week I still hadn't purchased my books. On a side note, the tags on my car expired while I was out of the country. A matter which has been very trying on all concerned. That being said, dad had to give me a ride to class. I made him help me buy my books and help me find the building; I even kissed him on the cheek when he dropped me at the door!
I've been to two French classes, and so far I can count to 30 and say a few things (Domitille better be impressed!). Sharon, a home school grad., is also in the class. We've sat by each other both classes, and practice a little together. I had piano lessons today which is always a joy. I cannot express how much I dearly missed them while I was gone! I started a new Mozart song, and Margie has already given me a book and painting that go with them.
I think this is all the exciting or not so exciting news I have for now. Hope everyone is having a wonderful week :)

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